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DGO Inc. Board members

Our board members have a true passion and a heart for what we do.

Founder / CEO - Garth L. Hopkins

Divine Guidance Outreach Inc.


Blue Rose Family Connection of DGO

I am truly humbled and honored that the genuine efforts of our non-profit 501c3 community benefit organization have caught your attention and touched your hearts. We wholeheartedly believe that with divine monetary provision, DGO will continue to grow to become an inspirational example of what people can do while walking in faith and love in the midst of anything this world consists of. Your contributions have and are completely enabling this organization to function as an entity that is in full compliance with all county, state and federal laws. We are confidently moving forward as an effective COVID-19 essential provider within our community. With funding we have received we are distributing masks, socks, footies, adult diapers, lip balm, food, snacks, bottled water, bibles, wash cloths, toys, hygiene supplies, gift cards, hobby and craft supplies, baby items and many-many other items that are totally beneficial as we shelter in-place.

Divine Guidance Outreach is currently a very small group of people with big and dedicated hearts. Believe it or not, the majority of our volunteers have full time jobs. We do not yet have a building to work out of; and we have effectively executed our complete functionality working out of our home with donated and personal vehicles and a PO BOX….imagine that!

Esmeralda Hopkins

Program Manager

Esmeralda joined her husband Garth L. Hopkins in 2007 to serve within the community in the very beginning stages of this organization when it was basically a very small-scale food giveaway.

Esmeralda was raised in Vallejo, CA and raised her children as a single mother in Vallejo as well for 20 years... until Esmeralda met her future husband Garth Hopkins.

In the past Garth and Esmeralda had economical struggles and were actually recipients of various types of assistance to make a better life. Esmeralda says "This is their way of giving back "

Renee McCrary

Executive Administrator / Secretary

Renee McCrary is a longtime resident of Vallejo, having lived here for 22 years. Although she did not grow up in Vallejo, she raised her 3 children here and believes in the beautiful spirit and untapped potential of this great city. Renee was a single mother for 20 years before meeting her God appointed husband Anthony, who she has been happily married to since in 2009.

As a former single parent, Renee has a heart for the single parent community and the specific needs that they and their children have. Renee is proud and humbled to be a part of this ministry and is looking forward to see the amazing ways in which God will use her.

Jo-el Perryman

DGO Board Member

I was born and raised in Vallejo, Ca. My mother is Esmeralda Hopkins. I Graduated from Vallejo High and then received my degree in Business Management from San Jose State University.

I recently got married and I am excited with what God has planned for us. Growing up my parents took me to church every Sunday. My parents explained who Jesus was, but I didn't have a close and personal relationship with Jesus until I was an adult. I went through some trials and Jesus used them to bring me closer to him.

I joined Divine Guidance not only because my mother and step-father founded the non-profit, but because Divine Guidance's main mission is taken right out of the pages of the Bible. In my Bible I read about Jesus out in the streets helping the sick, poor and needy.

His goal wasn't to increase his popularity, make political connections, or personal gain. His goal was to do his Father's work. That's our goal at Divine Guidance to do God's work.

Trenny McCollumn

DGO Board Member

Trenny McCollumn, has been married for 28 years. God graced them with 4 sons. She has lived in California all her life. She has an identical twin that has the same desires in ministry. Her hobbies are spending time with family, bowling, camping and cooking. She is a member of the New Birth Church in Pittsburgh, Ca and has worked on a Prison ministry team and has also assisted with the Book Store.

Trenny, has been in banking for 29 years and has served in many positions such as a Supervisor, Work Flow Coordinator, Documentation Specialist, Administration Coordinator and many other positions.

All the experiences throughout the years have caused her to obtain great knowledge of work ethics, communication skills and knowing how to respond to the public..

In 2003-2006, Trenny was a donor for a transitional shelter in Vallejo, where she provided groceries’ once a month. Not knowing God was preparing her to soon open up transitional housing For homeless women.

Her experience in ministry has been at the Bay Area Rescue Mission and the Christian Help Center and she's taught weekly Bible study at the shelters.

In 2007-Present, Trenny opened her first transitional residence called the Harvest House Transitional Residence, Inc. She is now the Founder/Director of Four ( 4) Houses for Single Women and Single Mother/Children. The HH mission is to love, minister and help set them free of insecurity, depression and addiction through the Word of God.

Her vision is to open up many more homes in other cities and to help these Ladies to rise up as Leaders within themselves to help others.

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